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Posture & The Grizzly – Modern Punk (3,489 plays)

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i cant do this

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Anonymous asked: I'm 20 and I've liked Bane since I first got into hardcore years ago, and ever since (for the most part) people around my age into punk and hardcore would joke about them and the fact that I like them. I feel like a bunch of people are fucking "posers" though, because they're the same kids who loved Cruel Hand/ Expire (bands like that) one week and then are too punk for it. Subcultures are dumb, but yet, I am still involved in one.


No need to put posers in quotations. It’s a real phenomenon. 

Here’s how it goes:

Mall kid; alt nerdo; etc


Entry level hardcore or punk


Gateway band hardcore


Sub genre hardcore (time to specialize)


Hardcore archivist who jocks old shit


Not using the word hardcore anymore, preferring variations of ‘raw punk’


Black metal and/or becoming a lawyer or teacher